Online Registration in International Institute for Cake Art And Baking in Bangalore,Gurgaon
Eligibility Criteria for Admission
  • The candidate should be minimum 16 years of Age at the time of admission. There is No Maximum age limit.
  • The candidate should possess basic knowledge of English.
  • No minimum educational qualification is required.
  • No prior experience in cooking/ baking is required.

  • International Students

    We welcome International Students in our academies in India. We are very proud of our very high standards. The cost of similar programme in Europe cost around Euro 30,000. Thats the reason students from Europe, Middle East, Mauritius, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and many other countries prefer us. Please apply for the visa with the Indian Embassy in your respective countries. We can help you with accomodation and other local arrangements. Do write to us at if you need any document/ assistance. It is a fantastic opportunity for the International Students to learn and at the same time, explore a new country.

    Admission Process

    If you have made up your mind and all set to enrol with us, do fill up the form below, deposit the registration fees in our bank account, collect your uniform from the academy premise and get ready to take off for an interesting journey. Once we receive your form, we will immediately get back to you with next steps.


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